Actual Transparent Window


Adjust window transparency on Windows


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Actual Transparent Window is a tool that integrates with the Windows desktop, enabling you to customize the level of opacity of your system windows, which gives you a different way to organize the space on your screen.

If you use this app, you won't need to minimize all the different folders and programs you have running just to see what's happening behind the active window, instead, you can personalize the level of transparency of each window by using a button that is added next to the buttons for minimizing, maximizing, and closing the window.

Transparency levels are customizable for each individual window. Actual Transparent Window is multi-functional for working with various different windows, like folders, text editors, and web browsers.

You can apply the transparency effect to any aspect of a window, including the task bar, menus, and start menu. And this tool will remember the last assigned transparency value so that you don't have to re-configure it even time you open that same window.

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